new blog!!!

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since i’m no longer a part of KKITM, i decided to start a new blog

it’s One of THOSE Moms – check it out and let me know what you think!

it only took 10 months …

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but i think we are finally on a schedule!!  WOO HOO!!!  all of those moms who said “don’t worry – she’ll get there” were right!  and thank God for that!  when i was pregnant, i (like many other soon-to-be-moms) had everything planned out – we were gonna get on a strict schedule, she’d be sleeping in her crib at 2 months (3 months TOPS!) and i would be able to schedule all of the things that i had on my life before – and then the baby got here and reality set in!   there are certain areas of my life where i am extremely structured and organized – i’ve even been called obsessive – but when it comes to Sydney’s schedule, i’ve pretty much been playing it by ear – or rather her ear – that’s right – from jump, she was pretty much running it and i was running around in it – actually, she wasn’t really that difficult to predict – for the most part, she was keeping the same schedule that she did when she was in my belly – but while i could always sleep when she was moving and grooving on the inside, it doesn’t quite work that way when they’re out – especially now that she’s mobile (which i’ll get to later) – at any rate, Sydney is very much the cat-napper and every once in while she’ll take a long nap – but far be it for her to be predictable – i’m pretty sure her goal in life is to keep me guessign from one minute to the next – and if that’s the case, she is succeeding!  once i get her down, she might sleep for an hour or she might sleep for 20 minutes – she might wake up screaming, she might wake up feeling all Chatty Cathy – she might want to snuggle with me, she might want to walk around the house – there’s no rhyme or reason – but thanks to Vicky aka The Nanny Sent From Heaven, we’re finally making some headway … she’s got a short morning nap, a long (or longer than 30 minutes!) nap around lunchtime, a quick cat nap late afternoon and in bed and asleep by 10pm!!!  i know for most babies, 10pm is way late – but i have been assured my medical professionals that Sydney’s schedule is fine and she’s not going to be a holy terror when she’s 5 because she didn’t go to bed at 7:30pm as a baby – besides, she usually sleeps til about 8:30am, so i think we’re doing pretty well!

you know how your mom always said, “i hope you get a child just like you so you’ll know exactly what i went through”?  well, it happened – i don’t know how moms are able to pass on this curse i mean blessing from generation to generation – i’m guessing that it’s some secret society thing that you get access to the minute you become a mom – whatever it is, you can believe that i’m finding solace in the fact that one day, Sydney will also have a child who is EXACTLY like her – don’t get me wrong, i love her to pieces – but she is so much like me, it is frightening!!  i have often been told that you can tell exactly what i’m thinking just by looking at me – i’ve never been real big on cheesing and grinning – pretty much what you see is what you get – i’m not really into polite laughter and i don’t do a whole lot of BSing to make people feel good – i know, it’s probably not one of my best character traits, but it’s who i am – so is it any surprise that i have a kid who looks at me like this all.the.time.


now one might say that she’s really pissed about being forced to wear the biggest, most obnoxiously huge bow (but SO FREAKING CUTE!!!) ever known to man – and if it was someone else’s kid, i might agree – but that’s just the way she looks at you – she’s not mad, she’s not annoyed, she just is – she’s pretty serious that way, but you can also tell when she’s up to something …


i can’t tell you how many pictures i took trying to get her to sit on that dang step so i could get a picture of her in the Christmas dress that Grandma bought her – ornery kid – she would sit on the step every time and then the second i moved back to take the picture, she’d make a run for it!  ornery i tell ya’ – NO idea where she gets that from!  and speaking of ornery – when is this child going to walk?  um, never – why?  because she doesn’t want to – doesn’t have to – there’s no reason for her to – oh, i have no doubt that she’ll walk eventually – but you can be sure that it won’t be until she is absolutely ready!  so the back story is that right around the 6-7 monthe mark, Sydney had a milestone explosion – within the span of a couple of days she was on all fours, pulling herself up, cruising and walking through the house while holding on to my hands –  the pedi was sure she’d be walking by 9 months and said that she might even bypass crawling altogether – i was not at all sure how i felt about any of this – first of all, my baby was growing up MUCH too fast – not to mention that i would be losing the ability to sit her down somewhere and expect that she would stay there!  then i read that there is a direct correlation in the IQ of children and crawling – like i’m not obsessive enough, right?  then 2 days before her 7 month birthday and hours after a routine visit to the chiropractor, Sydney came home and took off crawling across the hallway – YAY!!  and she mastered that fairly quickly, it wasn’t long before she could crawl like lightening – of course being the overachiever that she is, she had already destroyed the walker i bought her – it’s one of those stationary ones where the walker part rotates around the play area – yeah, it took about a week before she could whip around that thing so quickly that the entire unit would move – so walking wouldn’t be far behind, right?  fast forward 4 months – she’s been walking just holding one hand for 2 weeks now, she can stand by herself for at least 5 seconds, not only could she walk if she wanted to, she could probably break into a full on sprint down the hall – but if you hold your hands out and say “come here Sydney – come to Mommy”, she is guaranteed to drop to her knees in slow motion and look at you like this …


(check out glam r Baby for the SUPA’ cute bow!)

did i mention this kid is ornery?

i’m baaaaaaack!!!

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i know, it’s shocking – a blog … from me – it’s been so long that i almost don’t know what to say – Sydney is 10 1/2 months old now ans so much has happened that i don’t even know where to start – so i’ll just apologize in advance because i’m sure this blog will be completely sporadic and random – but hey – at least i’m blogging, right?

so it’s 6:21am and i am WIDE awake – i have no idea why – maybe it’s a sign that i’m ready to go back to work – and that’s sort of true – i’m not quite there yet – but come Monday, i’ll be completely ready and rejuvenated and ready to get back to it – but today, i just want to be asleep – every one else is – even the dog – but not me …

so 10 months later, and we’re still co-sleeping – yes, i’ve become one of THOSE moms – the mom who doesn’t even attempt to put her kid in the crib – i just start of the night with her in bed right next to me – now, i should be irritated that i spent so much money on that crib that she never uses – but she does actually nap in the crib – so it does get some use – but since she never sleeps alone for longer than an hour and a half (and it’s usually closer to 30-45 minutes), there’s no point in putting her in the crib at night – because then that means when she wakes up, i have to go traipsing down the hall in the middle of the night – and let’s face it people, i’m old and tired – and i tend to be grumpy when awakened from a deep sleep – so it’s easier on me and her if she just sleeps with me

i have to admit, in the beginning i was worried – i heard all the stories from the people that said “you better get her in the crib now or you’ll never get her out of your bed” – yeah, well guess what – i’m over that nonsense – how many 10 year olds do you know that still think it’s cool to sleep with their mom every night?  uh huh – none!  and these days, the only time i can truly snuggle on her is if she’s asleep anyway – so whatev – and the truth of the matter is, on school nights i’m lucky if i get 3-4 hours of sleep – plus i’m still nursing (on demand) – so when Sydney wakes up at 2am looking for the Breastaurant (thanks Valerie!), it’s easier for me if it’s right next to her instead of me having to stumble down the hall to her room and go through the whole process of getting her out of the criband getting set up in the rocker and then putting her back down when she’s done – this way, she rolls over and find s the boob and goes back to sleep and my sleep disruption is minimal – and come on, isn’t it really all about me?  i mean after the baby of course …

so i don’t know if this is an El Nino, La Nina or just plain Global Warming – but this back and forth “80 degrees one day and 32 the next” weather is killing me – not to mention my kid!  Sydney has been congested for the last 3 weeks – and for about the last week and a half it’s been that wheezy congestion that makes it sound like she has pneumonia or some other life threatening illness – of course she isn’t running a fever and she’s still tearing through this house like a tornado, so i know she’s not really sick … just congested – so rather than pump her full of medicine that won’t help at all, i’ve been trying “natural” remedies – yeah, that crap is useless too – so the Mommy Gurus on my local Mommy Message Board suggested a humidifier, saline drops and suction and Vicks VapoRub – now, when i was a kid the humidifier emitted a ton of hot mist into the air and smelled like Vicks – and i hated that thing – but these days you’re apparently supposed to use a “cool mist” humidifier (because apparently warm mist creates some sort of mold that will kill you … or something like that) and let’s face it – those things are ugly!!  but after much research, i discover that Target sells a cute humidifier that would be perfect – so i head off to Target to pick up the cute humidifier – only they’re out of it – and because i’ve seen the cute humidifier, i can’t quite bring myself to purchase the green frog humidifier or the red dragon one – it must be the pink pig – so instead, i buy the Pedia Care Gentle Vapors Plug In – yes, i am compromising my kid’s breathability based on cuteness – what of it?  anyway, the plug in thing seems to work well enough initially but it doesn’t last a full 8 hours like it advertises – so on to the next thing on the list – saline and suction – WOO HOO!!!  now when Sydney was a newborn, i could use that suction thing all day long and she never blinked an eye – but now she sees that baby blue bulb coming and she screams bloody murder – and of course you have to do the saline drops first to make the crusty cooties in her nose suctionable – yeah, she loves that … NOT!!  so basically it goes something like this:

“Come here baby – Mommy’s gonna help you breathe” – Leary glances from a 10 month old – “lay down baby girl” – the second her head hits the changing pad, the screaming begins – i immediately start to repeat, “it’s okay mama, i’m almost done – Mommy loves you – i know you don’t like it – Mommy’s trying to help you” over and over while trying to pin her arms down, hold her head straight, put saline drops in her nose and wait for there to be actual snot (no – it’s not gross at all!) – then, just when she thinks it’s all over – out comes the worst baby torture device ever … the baby blue bulb – WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – or as i translate it, “NOMOMMYSTOPIHATEYOUYOU’RETHEWORSTMOMMYEVERYOU’REKIIIILLLLLLLLLLINGMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

geez kid – dramatic much?  shut up – she TOTALLY gets it from her dad 😉 – anyway, after almost 2 weeks of this, the congestion finally started to drain – and there is nothing i hate more than a snotty nosed kid – so i am constantly attacking her with kleenex (well, actually Puffs Plus with Lotion!) which she loves … NOT!  and the battle continues – the sight of kleenex triggers a similar reaction to that of the baby blue bulb so the fun around here is just never ending!  so last night, i pulled out the big guns – and at 9:41pm i sent Kelley to Walmart for … wait for it … the Vicks VapoRub – i can’t recall what traumatic event spawned my hatred for the Vicks – it must have been so traumatic that i blocked it out – but i hate that crap – it’s not the smell because i’m actually okay with that – but something about it oogs me out – but with Sydney’s breathing getting bad and her attitude getting worse, i decided to take one for the team – plus i’m starting to get congested and we have big plans for New Year’s so i need to be able to drink (and breathe!) – now the Mommy Gurus suggested slathering the Vicks all over her feet and then putting on socks – so i did exactly that – and i did it for me too – well it must have been the footie pajamas that made the difference, because it’s now 7:48am and she’s sleeping soundly and i’m stuffy and congested and have a scratchy throat from breathing through my mouth – maybe this is my punishment for not buying that damn humidifier – life is not fair.

the good, the bad and the ugly

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Everybody who works on the show loves what they do – and we know that we’re lucky to have the jobs that we do – but it can be difficult – especially because we willingly signed up for this – so when listeners ask questions and make commentary about our lives, we have to put up with it – and most days we’re equipped to deal with it – and other days, whether it’s good or bad – you just don’t know what to do

today Kidd announced that he and Carol are no longer married – just writing it makes my stomach hurt – I’ve known for quite some time – but Kidd and I never discussed it and he never said it out loud – I know we’re going to get a lot of questions and speculation about the whos, whats, wheres, when and whys of it all – and it’s frustrating … on a lot of levels – particularly because although we all voluntarily put our lives out there for the world to see, our families didn’t – and it’s a fine line – we went through the same thing when Kellie announced her divorce – I took tons of calls from people asking “what happened between Kellie and Freddie” – I know I pissed a lot of people off, but I always responded with “I don’t know – I didn’t ask her” – and while some people took that as me being rude and sarcastic, most people realized that it was an ultra personal question and backed off – it’s a fine line that we walk here on the Kidd Kraddick show – yes, we signed up for this job – and yes, we have built our show on the basis of being real and sharing our lives – but when being real and truthful involves people we want to protect, it’s hard

One of the things that people say when they meet me is “I feel like I know you” – and I love to hear that because it means I’m doing my job – but it’s also what sets our “celebrity” status apart from real celebrities – I love Nicole Richie to death and I know a ton about her, but I don’t feel like I know her – but it’s different for us because we do share so much of our lives and rarely hold anything back – people have been asking me (and everyone else on the show) questions about Kidd and Carol for a while – and i always played it off like i didn’t know what they were talking about – and i’ll probably catch some flack about that – but I’m okay with it and I won’t apologize for it – one thing I’m a big believer in is protecting family – and that what Kidd Kraddick is – family –

I’m glad that Kidd waited until Caroline was gone to school before he announced his divorce – divorce sucks for everyone – but especially for the kids – no matter how old they are – I’ve always shared a closeness with Caroline because we’ve sort of lived parallel lives (albeit about 100 years apart!) – my family and Kidd’s family have several friends in common – and way back in the day, I babysat the girl who used to babysit Caroline – Caroline and I even went to the same high school – and now as it turns out, Caroline and I have something else in common – I was the same age as Caroline was when my parents split up – and like the Kraddicks, everyone thought we had the perfect family – We were the perfect Cosby family and everyone told us so – no one would have ever guessed that my parents had split up – least of all me – and I was so shocked by my parent’s divorce that I didn’t tell anyone for a year – I made sure my parents came to school functions together – I made them sit together when they came to see me cheer – at 16, the last thing I wanted was to explain to everyone that my parents who had been married forever were suddenly getting divorced – so Kidd and Carol get my extra admiration for keeping their issues between them and putting Caroline first

Anyway, you asked for it, so here it is – finally … a blog – I’ve been getting a lot of comments lately about why I haven’t written my personal blog – and while I’ve never felt the need to explain myself, I guess since Kidd set the example today, I’ll go ahead and do it too – before I had Sydney, I had all these big plans of things I was going to do after she was born – one of them was to keep a blog dedicated to just her life and being a mom – I even secured the blog name and everything – and then I actually had the baby – and I realized that the best laid plans quickly go out the window after the baby comes – Sydney is almost 7 months old now and I still haven’t figured out that whole “time management” thing with a baby – I know you guys miss the blog – I miss writing it – it is truly one of my favorite things and I miss it for a variety of reasons – but my life has changed dramatically since Sydney came along and I see things differently now

When Kidd offered me the position as the “Official Show Blogger”, I was thrilled because I was going to get to write full time – and in my mind, I would finally have time to post my personal blog on a regular basis – funny how going back to work created more time for me – anyway, before Sydney was born I would usually write my blog after the show – but now, after the show, I’m writing and editing the Remix – and it normally takes me anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half to get that completed – by that time, I have to head home to relieve the nanny – now I should say that I love working and I love even more that I have a work schedule that allows me to be at home with my baby girl the majority of the day – i’m not one of those women that feels guilty about working and I honestly think that I’m a better mom because I work – but I also try really hard to keep my life in balance – and when I’m at work, I try not to do home stuff – and when I’m at home, I try not to do work stuff – I really feel guilty when I’m at home with Sydney and instead of spending time with her, I’m working – I try to get things done when she’s napping but Sydney’s not all that big on naps (which she did NOT get from me) – maybe things will change as Sydney gets older – but right now, I just can’t justify putting her in the swing for an hour so that I can blog – and it’s REALLY difficult to type one handed with a baby on your lap- hopefully at some point in the near future, I’ll be able to write my blog when I’m at work – but right now, it’s just not feasible

I’m sure some of you are going to say that I’m just whining and complaining- but I’m really not – I willingly signed up for this and for me, it’s the best fo both worlds – I don’t feel like I’m missing out on any of Sydney’s life and I still get to have adult interaction and conversations about something other than sleep schedules and poop – I think everyone on the show is more than aware that we set ourselves up for all of this – when we chose these jobs and chose to put our lives on public display, so to speak, we opened ourselves up to public scrutiny – so we have to take the bad with the good – but it’s frustrating when you’re doing the best that you can and people are constantly criticizing you – someone made a comment that I should just write the blog – if only it was that easy – on average, it takes me an hour and a half to write a blog entry – I know they don’t HAVE to be long entries and I don’t start out with that intention, but it’s just the way they end up – and even though I’m far from being a “professional” writer, I take a lot of pride in my writing style and try to make my stories smart and witty and entertaining – I could post every day, but they’d be pretty straight forward and boring “I caught Sydney standing in the Pack-n-Play today – she scared me to death” – “Sydney had pears and apples today and didn’t like either one – I’m bummed she doesn’t like fruit” – pretty exciting stuff, huh?

I don’t know – it’s frustrating – I’m trying so hard to keep everything in check and it’s hard – not just for me, but for everyone – we all probably have a few too many things on our plate – yet we all try to do it all – and then you get hit with something that snaps you into reality – like Kidd’s divorce – because if it can happen to Kidd, it can happen to any of us – you would be hard pressed to find a man who loves his family more than Kidd – I can’t tell you how many times he’s pulled me into his office to share a funny story about Carol (even though I’ve heard the story a million times before) or how many times he’s pulled up a video on his iPod of Caroline performing (that he’s shown me … a million times) – and I think that’s why this shakes me so much -it’s not because they didn’t try hard enough or that they didn’t love each other enough, it’s just like he said – as cliché as it sounds, he and Carol just grew apart – and that is my greatest fear for my marriage – I love my husband to death (even on the days when I want to punch him in the face! lol) and he makes me laugh every single day – and even knowing how strong our relationship was, I was terrified of how it would change after the baby came – because EVERYONE tells you that it will change – and it does – not necessarily for the bad, but it’s not the same – Kelley and I both tend to be a little (or a lot depending on the day) on the workaholic side – so combine that with a baby who needs constant attention – well, it’s scary – because sometimes no matter how badly you want something, it just doesn’t happen – and that really sucks –

Anyway, I wish I could say that I’m going to start blogging more often – I would actually love to say that – but when it doesn’t happen, somebody’ll get mad and then I’ll feel guilty and I already have a laundry list of things I feel extreme guilt over (cause I’m a good Catholic like that!) – I will say that every single day I think about writing a blog – and almost every day I think I will – and then life gets in the way – funny how that happens – you’re busy trying to live your life and living it is what’s constantly getting in your way – I’m still trying to figure out how to telepathically transfer my thoughts from my head to the computer – if I could invent that, not only would I be blogging every day, I’d be super rich! But until I do, I’ll just do the best I can – and at the end of the day, isn’t that all we can ask?

what a difference …

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one night can make – or at least one night of sleep – over the last 2 weeks, Sydney has completely regressed – she’s lost interest in solids and seems to be eating less (at least in the morning with the nanny – i feel like i’m nursing her all freaking day!) – we were starting to transition her into the crib and that sudden;y came to a complete halt – the minute i put her into the crib, she would wake up – and it’s weird because she doesn’t have any problems napping in the crib, just nighttime – then the kicker … sleeping through the night – Sydney has been sleeping through the night since about 8 weeks – and while it hasn’t been ideal for me (since she doesn’t go to bed til damn near midnight), it’s been pretty great for Kelley – until the last 2 weeks

Sydney had slowly started going to bed a little earlier – anywhere between 10 and midnight – and i’m thinking that her body is just naturally adjusting and at some point (hopefully in th e near future), she’ll even out and get on a more regular sleeping schedule – then all of a sudden she started waking up around 12 or 1am – um, hello – mommy has to get up at 3am!!! clearly, she doesn’t care – she’s the “all about me” kid – of course i don’t know where she gets that from … anyway, 1am rolls around and she is awake – not that stirring in her sleep awake – we’re talking full on “mommy i’m bored,let’s get up and kick it” awake – uh, yeah – not so much! so the 1am solution varies – it can be as easy as giving her the boob and lull her back to sleep with me as the human pacifier or it can be as involved as taking her back into her room and changing her and actually rocking her back to sleep – the latter has me getting out of bed which is never good – because then i have problems going back to sleep – but hey it’s great for her and Kelley!

which leads me to this fine, sunny Saturday morning – Saturday is the day i sleep in – and when i say sleep in, i mean until 10 or 10:30am – and if i’m lucky, i can get Sydney down for a morning nap and can stretch that until 11 or 11:30am – but this last week was especially rough – and with Sydney not sleeping through the night, i didn’t get more than 1 1/2 consecutive hours of sleep any night – that wouldn’t be so terrible except that Sydney has also been a little fussier than normal – so her long afternoon nap (which i usually try and take with her) has been with me wearing her in a Moby D wrap – i love the Moby D and apparently she does too because the moment i put her in it, she immediately falls asleep – but when i try and take her out, she wakes up – so she’s been napping in the Moby D and i try my best to recline on the bed or chair and get my nap on too – she awakes completely refreshed and raring to go – i awaken completely groggy and confused and wondering why my 2 hour nap felt like 7 minutes – fast forward to yesterday – i was so tired i could barely think straight – everyone who talked to me on the phone yesterday asked me if i was asleep – no, just completely exhausted – is that the same thing? so when Kelley got home last night, i immediately passed Sydney off to him and went to sleep – that was around 5:45pm – now that i think about it, i think i was asleep when he got home – whateve – it was naptime for mommy – so Kelley took over and i slept til about 8 or 8:30pm – i woke up and ventured to the living room – Sydney was asleep in the swing (lucky Daddy!) so i thought i would try and spend some quality time with Kelley – i snuggled up to him on the couch and promptly fell asleep – after about 30 minutes, i woke up and realized what had happened – i told him that when Sydney woke up that she would be hungry so to bring her to me – then i gave him a kiss and told him i was going back to bed – i think she woke up around 10 or so because i vaguely recall seeing the news – i think i fed her during Nightline and i watched Friends at 11pm – and i guess somewhere in there Sydney fell back asleep because i completely missed Sex and the City and 11pm – she woke up at 1am (which i guess is her “new” schedule), i got up and changed her, rocked her back to sleep and then we got back in the bed – this is where i should have slept until at least 8 or 9am – nope – 5am – wide awake – WHY, GOD?? WHY??? i tried to go back to sleep, but it didn’t happen – you watch and see, the minute she wakes up, i’ll be tired again – but for now, i’m bright eyed and bushy tailed – or at least as much as my personality allows me to be!

have i mentioned that Sydney has teeth? she does – 2 of them – the first one came in 2 weeks ago and the second one came in last week and not only does she know she has teeth – she knows how to use them – can you saw “OWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!” – i’m determined not to quit nursing just because she figured out how to bite me, but dang – that girl has some chompers on her – someone equated baby teeth to puppy teeth – yup, that’s exactly it – never been used so they’re sharp as razors – and like puppies, babies are so freaking cute that you can’t be mad! even if she’s clamped down on your nipple while she’s smiling at you! so the first time she bit me, i of course screamed in pain – i immediately pulled her off of me and headed to, the authority of all things breastfeeding – apparently the whole screaming out in pain is not a good thing – it can either encourage your baby to continue to bite to get a reaction out of you or can cause a nursing strike – ok, just add another tick mark to the bad mommy column – i know she’s teething (which is probably why she’s also not sleeping through the night anymore) and i know it hurts, but mommy’s nipple is not a teething toy – it’s not even cold! so now, when she bites, i try and unlatch her immediately with my finger, tap her lips and say “no biting – don’t bite mommy” – and she just looks at me and smiles – funny, it’s the same smile she gives me when she has those saw-like teeth digging into me – rotten kid – how could she already have managed to figure out that her smile will totally melt mommy into pieces?

5 months post partum, and i have now lost 59 pounds – i am officially BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight – i was 149 when i got pregnant and 206 the day i delivered – i went ahead and set my goal weight at 138 even though i’d like to get back down to 133 – that was my weight the day i got married – and ideally i’d like to be 122 with a rocking hard body because that’s what i was when i met Kelley – but i’m pretty sure that’s just a fantasy – though i do wonder how new moms find the time to eat – Kelley andd i usually trade off eating for dinner time – and i always eat breakfast when i’m at the studio – but from the time i get home until Kelley gets home, it’s a crap shoot as to whether or not i’ll get a meal in – though i can usually manage to grab a handful of grapes or cherries – so there is that!

oh – i had more, but it appears that my Saturday morning solo time is over – i hear Sydney – and i need to try and get in a shower before Daddy leaves for basketball – i will really, really, really try to blog tomorrow – but i can’t make any promises – but the next blog will include the topics of mommies vs daddies, how to teach your kid to crawl and GAY BINGO!!!!!

who is this kid?

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and what did she do with my baby girl? Monday was Sydney’s birthday – she is now 5 months old – and every month on her birthday, i take her picture in the purple chair with the purple bear – and this month i was able to catch an actual smile- which was a huge accomplishment since the red light on the camera distracts her every time – but i did manage to get this

and i was all proud of myself until ReJana (the best photographer EVA’!!!) sent me this … – i know that she’s my baby and that i am totally biased – but she is the most gorgeous child – i actually cried real tears when i saw the pictures – i cannot believe that we made her – and she came out of my body!! ReJana was able to capture so much of her personality – and those are just the teasers – i have no idea how i’m ever going to choose – we’re going to need a bigger house with more walls to display all these pictures – and what about baby #2??

anyway, i know this isn’t a real post – it’s totally an AW (Attention Whore) post – but i don’t care – i just had to share!!!

ohhh – the joys of poo!!

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i’m typing this with one hand so this is going to be short – i’m also trying to get Sydney down so i can finish today’s Remix blog (plus she’s fussy!!)

so if you’re a mom, you know that the consistency of poo changes once your baby starts solids – it becomes very runny and messier than is has been – now, normally this wouldn’t be an issue except that Sydney is a little on the “skinny minnie” side and seems to be getting skinnier (even though she’s gaining weight – she’s growing up, not out!)  – anyway, i’m having a hard time getting her diaper to fit tightly around her thighs – most of the time it’s okay because she’s still pretty stationary, but once she starts moving around – we’ve got problems – so … a few minutes ago, we were playing on the bed – i was leaning back against the pillows and she was sitting on my tummy facing me – i grabbed her to raise her up in the air (because it makes her laugh) and suddenly i saw poo dripping from her diaper … all over my nursing tank – so i grab a burp rag, put it under her butt and head for the nursery – i lay her down on the changing table and assess the situation – in the 30 seconds it took me to walk from my room to hers, we have somehow managed to get poo on my leg, her leg, my tank, her house shoes, the burp rag, the outside of the diaper, the changing pad cover and my hand!  i look at Sydney and she is grinning ear to ear – yeah, i’m glad she thinks this is so hilarious!!  fortunately, it only took 2 wipes (thank god for cloth wipes!) and about 5 minutes to get everything cleaned up – but since i didn’t manage to get a shower yesterday, i’m DEFINITELY going to need one today!!

i’m over it …

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i realize that it’s been almost a month since my last blog – and every single day i say to myself that i’m going to write a new blog – and then every single day, by the time i’ve finally gotten Sydney to sleep and finished my prep work for the next day, it’s about 12 or 1am – and since my alarm goes off at 3am – some things just don’t get done – i’ve actually attempted to write about 5 or 6 different blogs – but i usually doze off while i’m writing them – and then when i come back to start them again, a dozen other things have happened – so i’ve decided that i’m no longer going to feel guilty about not updating – i will try to blog more regularly – and hopefully i’ll be able to do that a couple of times this week because of vacation – but i will no longer feel guilty about it – especially since there are so many other things i could be feeling guilty about – like still not having a baby book – yep, i’m the slacker mom – but i am recording all the important things in a word document for the day that i finally find a baby book and have time to update it – do i get partial credit for that?

so basically, i’m just going to give a random run down of the things that have been going on – and they probably won’t be in any particular order (because it’s 2:55am and i should REALLY be asleep!) – so it’ll just however they pop into my head

so, we’re still co-sleeping – sort of – another one of those things that i’m no longer feeling guilty about – in fact, i’ve actually started to enjoy it – not to the point where i want to do it til she’s 2 – but it’s not the terrible thing that i thought it would be and Sydney is finally starting to sleep in her crib a little bit – about 2 months ago, i decided to say “the hell with it” to pretty much every standard, traditional by-the-book parenting practice out there – sure i’m still scouring the internet for information (because who has time to read the 3 foot stack of parenting books i’ve purchased) and of course i’m still asking for advice – but at the end of the day – i figure i know my baby better than anyone else – i mean she did spend 41 weeks in my womb – and in that time, we got to know each other pretty well – so i’m sticking with that and doing whatever i think is best for her – so back to the co-sleeping – since Vicky started (the new nanny which i’ll get to later), Sydney has been napping in her crib – only just in the morning and usually for about an hour max, but she’s in the crib – now we’ve been trying off and on to get her to go to bed in the crib at night for about 3 months, but she never stays there for more than about 30 minutes – and then i get tired and just put her back in the bed with us – but 2 weeks ago, she slept in her crib all night!! WOO HOO!!! now, i still had to go in there to calm her down a couple of times – and maybe once or twice i had to actually pick her up – but when she finally went down, she slept for about 6 hours – she’s been sleeping through the night for about 3 months (which is GREAT for Kelley and Vicky) so the 6 hours thing wasn’t a big deal – but the fact that she slept in her bed – well that was just amazing – and every since then, we’ve been putting her in the crib every night – most nights she makes it til about 5 or 6am – and then Kelley puts her in the bed bed with him until the nanny comes – and then some nights (like tonight) she just can’t get it together – so i give up and bring her back with us – oh well – i’m over it – i figure she’ll eventually figure it out and since i just can’t being myself to let her cry-it-out, we’ll just stick with this for now

the nanny!!! her name is Vicky and i LOVE her – i knew from the beginning, i wanted to hire a nanny – for several different reasons – the man reason being my schedule – i leave for work at 4am and Kelley leaves somewhere between 7 and 9am – i’m home most days by noon and it just didn’t make sense to put Sydney in daycare for a couple of hours a day – plus, most places won’t take babies part-time – and with Kelley traveling occasionally – i wouldn’t be able to drop Sydney off at 4am – but also, after being at home with her for 10 weeks, i really wanted to continue that one-on-one interaction for her – she is used to having undivided attention – and while that may turn her into an ultra demanding baby diva, i’m okay with it – ha-ha-ha!!! anyway, the last requirement was that i wanted someone who was Spanish speaking – most of you know that my mom is Mexican and i have a Spanish degree (that goes about 98% unused – thanks Daddy!!), so it’s really important to me that my kids grow up bilingual – so when i first went back to work , we found someone that we liked a lot – but after a few weeks, she was having some health issues that left her unable to continue with us – i was really bummed because we liked her a lot and she and Sydney really clicked but it just didn’t work out – so for about 2 weeks, i had Sydney in an in-home facility – and while it was nice, it just wasn’t my ideal situation – enter Vicky – she is EXACTLY what i was looking for – someone who was married, a little older with teenage kids – looking for part time work and speaks Spanish – YAY!!! Vicky is married and has a 15 year old son – she has 10 years of nanny experience and she’s Columbian (and a U.S citizen) – she and Sydney get along very well – she does light housekeeping – she does all of Sydney’s laundry (even the diapers!) she is just wonderful!! she only speaks Spanish to Sydney and reads to he rin Spanish – they go on walks every day and listen to music – they go outside and play – Vicky rarely turns on the TV (which is better than me!) – she’s just fantastic – so on the nanny front, we are set!

Sydney – talk about a hilarious child – she is her mother’s daughter – to the core – she is pretty much just as i predicted she would be – extremely active, stubborn, super social, a total night owl, a tad bit dramatic – i can’t imagine where she gets any of that from 😉 but she’s still a really good baby – she’s impatient like her mom, and grumpy when she’s tired or hungry (like her mom) – but i’ve finally gotten a pretty good grasp of what’s wrong when she’s fussy -now it’s just a matter of fixing it!!

so i’ve turned into one of those moms – the crazy, crunchy, go-with-the flow moms except i’m way more diva than granola!! after Sydney’s 2 months shots, i decided to go with the alternative vaccination schedule – not because i believe there is a link between vaccinations and autism (or anything else) – but after her 2 month shots, i swear she slept for almost 3 full days – it was very odd and she just wasn’t herself – it was more than just fussiness- she was groggy and lethargic – and i expected that, but not for 3 days – so when we went in for the 4 month shots, i took my handy Dr. Sears vaccine book along and told our pediatrician that we wanted to spread her shots apart – fortunately, he is extremely supportive of my diva crunchiness and said okay – 2 shots, less than a minute of crying and a 45 minute nap later – Sydney was back to her old self – we didn’t even have to do Tylenol – she was happy and in a good mood and i was a happy mom

cloth diapering – yeah, i’m officially addicted – while in the long run, my love for cloth diapers may not turn out to be quite as cost effective, i’m not filling land fills with diapers that aren’t biodegradable and Sydney’s cute little tail isn’t being exposed to yucky chemicals – plus, the cloth diapers are just so dang cute! we started off with Kissaluv Size 0s (KL0s) and used Prorap covers – those lasted us til abut the 2 month mark – then we moved into the pockets – right now we have a combination of Bum Genius (1.0s, 2.0s and 3.0s), Swaddlebees and Blueberrys – i have also fallen madly in love with Minky – and thanks to the great Kellie Rasberry, i will be trying Rump-A-Rooz minky in just a few days – i cannot wait until they get here!!

hmmm – what else? oh, we pierced Sydney’s ears – so freaking cute – Kelley had been on me about when we were going to pierce her ears and i knew i wanted to do it sooner than later, but with everything going on, it just got pushed by the wayside – but we finally got it together and pierced them weeks ago – we found a place that specializes in piercing babies and she does it with a needle, not a gun – i was a little weary at first – but Sydney took it like a champ – she barely even cried – it took about 10 minutes and she hasn’t touched her ears since then!

first ear

second ear

the finished product!!!

we’ve started solid foods – AAAARRGGHHHH!!! i was SO not prepared for that – at her 4 month appointment, the pedi said we could start solids – i told him that i wanted to wait until 6 months because she’s been doing so well just being breastfed and he said that was fine – so i was a little freaked out that a week and a half later, my child is reaching for my food and opening her mouth when she sees food – i decided to skip cereal altogether and we started with banana – that went well so we moved on to avocado – she liked that, so this week we tried sweet potato – i can see now that we have a champion eater on our hands – i’m still going back and forth on the solids because i still want breast milk to be her main source of nutrition- but there is no doubt that she was ready for solids – so i’m still trying to find a good balance – in the meantime, Sydney has quickly dwindled through my hefty stash of milk – she’s eating anywhere between 12-20 ounces in the morning with Vicky – so i’m trying to rebuild a stash this week while i’m on vacation -no bottles for her this week!

mmmm – bananas!!!


i can do it myself mom!!!

guess what else – we have teeth! well, one tooth – she’s been doing that pre-teething drooling thing for about 2 months, so i knew it was coming – but Friday i stuck my pinky in her mouth when i couldn’t find a paci and i felt an actual tooth – i know that second one isn’t far behind – and i was shocked, but she was hardly fussy at all – i could tell she was a little uncomfortable – but she must have a high pain tolerance like her mom, because she just chews on her hand and she’s fine – and speaking of hand chewing, Sydney is trying to suck her thumb – UGH!!! is there anything more annoying – i don’t know what to do other than to replace her thumb with the paci – i can’t tell if it’s because she’s teething or what, but i do think it will be easier to take away her paci than her thumb – so paci it is!!!

let’s see – what else? oh, i think she’ll be crawling soon – i’m SO not prepared for that – she can already scooch pretty good and she can sit up by herself for a few minutes before she falls over – when they say it goes by – they aren’t kidding – i just keep thinking, didn’t i just have this kid?? it’s unbelievable – she’s just so wonderful and fantastic – and i want to eat her up cause she’s so dang yummy – everyone said it would be great, but i had no idea!!!

um, hello – who said you could sit up at 18 weeks??

Sydney and Cienna – cutest freaking cousins EVER!!!!

i need more time …

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it’s 12:15am – and for once, Sydney went to sleep before midnight – i have been trying to write this blog for almost 2 weeks – and i promised myself that i would write one today come hell or high water – but there are never enough hours in the day – Sydney had her 4 month appointment today – then i had a few errands to run – by the time we got home, Sydney was wide awake – and fortunately, she was in a really good mood – so we played for a while and then she ate – she took a short nap, which gave me just enough time to eat dinner – then she was up again – we played some more and then we both took a short nap – she ate again and we played some more and then i put her down for the night – since she was asleep, i had to clean the kitchen, get her bottles ready for tomorrow, fold and put away her laundry and get all of her diapers and wipes put away – i also had to figure out what i’m going to wear in the morning because if i wait until the morning, i’ll be late – and i have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, so i can’t just throw on something crazy – i need to look presentable – i also need to get a head start on the liners for tomorrow morning – welcome to my world people – did i mention that i have to get up at 3am and leave the house at 4am – this is why i haven’t posted a blog in almost a month

my baby is 4 months old – how did this happen??  i can’t believe that 4 months ago i was pushing this baby out of my body – and now she’s like mini me – she is full of personality and just like her mama – she’s moody and quite the diva – very definitive about what she wants and what she doesn’t – and when she wants something, she wants it now – i have no idea where she gets that from!  she’s 25″ long and weighs 14 pounds and 10 ounces – how crazy is that – she’s almost to the point where she’s heavy!!  Sydney has tons of personality and she loves to laugh – she wakes up happy (she did NOT get that from me) and she smiles when she sees me – she is so strong – she’s gotten to the point where she really hates to sit down – she wants to stand all of the time – which isn’t a beating for me at all – sure Sydney – mommy doesn’t have anything else to do but hold you in an upright position so that you can stand up – i never thought i’d be wishing for her to crawl, but dang – get moving already little girl – she rolled over last week for the very first time and i caught it on video – well sort of – we never really did tummy time because she hated it with a passion – but now that she can hold her head up and do the mini push up, she’ll tolerate it for about 5-10 minutes – so the other day i put her on her playmat so i could clean up in her room and the minute i put her down, she rolled over – so i ran to get the camera and put her on her tummy again and started to get the camera out – and before i could even open th case, she rolled over again – UGH!!  so this time i waited until i got the camera out, put it on video mode and then put her on her tummy – then i waited, and waited and waited – it took almost 6 minutes before she decided to roll over again – in fact, she moved 180 degrees before she actually rolled over – just ornery!  i told mom when she was still in my tummy that this would not be a child who performed on command – and i was right – but she finally did it and i caught it on camera – and fortunately, i was able to figure out the whole Windows Movie Maker thing and cut it down to 23 seconds!!

one of the other things we’ve been dealing with is child care – it is so hard to find someone to watch your child – when i first started back to work, a friend of my mom’s was keeping Sydney but she was having some health issues and was no longer able to keep her – i was really bummed about that because she really loved Sydney and Sydney liked her too – but her health was more important – so for the next 2 weeks, i found a really nice woman who has an in home daycare that was close to our house – and that worked for the interim – but i really wanted someone who could come and stay with Sydney at the house – she is so used to having that one on one attention and i’m not ready to give that up – last week was rough because my grandparents kept her – it was a huge help but they live about 30 minutes in the opposite direction from me and from work, so i had to take her at the crack of dawn – but they all had a great time – i don’t know who had more fun – Sydney or GiGi and PawPaw – but i know they kicked it!!  but we finally found another nanny and she started this week and i’m hoping that things work out – she has excellent references and she speaks Spanish which was really important to me – Sydney really seems to like her, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed – the last thing i want to do is go on the nanny hunt yet again!!

in order to find more time …

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i had to go back to work – and there still aren’t enough hours in the day – my new position is much more time consuming than the phones – but in a good way – and Kidd has some hella cool stuff planned for me, so i’ve been working on that – then add that whole being a mom thing – plus i’m still doing weddings – and i have 2 more things that i’m thinking of adding to the mix – i know, i’m seriously nuts!! and i know i’ve been seriously slacking on the blog thing – and i’m really trying to do better – at least in my head – starting this week, i’m going to try to post every day – but it’ll probably be really short and kind of random – but i gotta start somewhere right??

so in all of the baby and back to work madness, i failed to mention that my sister PASSED THE BAR!!!!!! i am so freaking proud i can’t even stand it – when she called to tell me i immediately started crying – she has been studying since January 2nd – she took 2 different bar prep classes and studied like it was a full time job – and then, last weekend (Mother’s Day weekend), we all trekked out to Houston for her law school graduation – and now that she’s graduated and passed the bar, she’s looking for a job – so if you know of a an opening for a big time attorney,let me know – she’s willing to go anywhere in Texas!!

that’s my baby sister – big time law school graduate!

Dad and Stacie – both graduates of Thurgood Marshall School of Law – can you tell it’s a little humid in Houston???

so the trip to Houston was Sydney’s first road trip – and she was like the perfect child – we drove to Houston with mom and surprisingly, she slept the ENTIRE way – this is a child who ha sbeen known to scream the minute i get the car seat in the car – but she slept the entire 4 hours drive – i prepared a bottle and everything – and she didn’t even need it! i was SHOCKED!! then at the graduation ceremony, she was perfect – no crying, no fussy pants – we went to dinner afterwards, she was wonderful – we got back to the hotel, she went right to sleep – we went to breakfast – no fussing – we went to Stacie’s – perfection – we went shopping and i carried her in the sling – greatness – she was like the most perfect child ever!! even at the airport, she was in a good mood and way cooperative with mommy – and good thing too, because those TSA morons were no help at all!! see, it was just me and Sydney because Kelley stayed home – and we flew Southwest which was greatness, as always – but the TSA people – not so much – so we flew home Saturday afternoon and there was hardly anyone at the airport – when we got ready to go through security, there was NO ONE in the line – no one in front of us and no one behind us – and since i had Sydney, i went through Southwest’s new family friendly security line – so everything should have been easy-peasy right? so here i go with Sydney in her carrier, me carrying my purse, my small carry on rolling suitcase and the diaper bag – the first problem is when i handed TSA jerk #1 my boarding pass – i have the carrier on my left hand, my purse on my right shoulder and i’m pulling the suitcase (which has the diaper bag wrapped around the handle) with my right hand – the TSA guy is sitting on his stool at the entry way and he asks for my boarding pass and reaches his hand out – i hand it to him but there’s still about 5 or 6 inches between us – now hear i am with my load – do you think MR. Lazy TSA could step one foot off of his stool to reach the 6 inches to my boarding pass?? of course not – instead he just stood there looking at me – i stood there just long enough for me to contemplate going off on him but quickly decided it wasn’t worth my time or effort and moved the extra 6 inches and went on about my business – then i get to the machines – of course i have to put everything in a tray, pull out my 2 baggies (one with toiletries and one with baby meds) and push everything down the line because it’s not like there’s a conveyor belt – oh yeah, and i still have to take Sydney out of the carrier and push the handle down and flip it over to send it through the x-ray machine – do you think the 4 TSA agents who are 10 feet away chatting away could be bothered to offer their assistance – yeah, right – they didn’t even skip a beat but they did stand there and watch while i struggled to get everything together – and they didn’t forget to remind me to take off my flip flops – you know the ones with the 1/8 inch sole that might me hiding some dangerous weapon – yeah, thanks for all of your help … JERKS!!! but i did manage to make it to the gate with no help (even though several very nice people offered) and the Southwest flight attendants and other passengers were very patient as i got situated on the plane – and thankfully Sydney was awesome – she got fussy a couple of times, but as soon as i took her out of the seat and held her, she was great – i’ve heard that it’s super easy to fly with a baby but that once they hit toddler age, not so much – so i’m thinking once she hits walking age, she’ll be staying at mom’s until she’s about 5 or 6 – that doesn’t make me a bad mom does it???

Sydney Jane’s first flight – my first flight was on Southwest also – but i was 5 years old!!

i cried watching Kimora Lee Simmons “Life in the Fab Lane” – her daughters have naturally curly hair – and in preparation for the Baby Phat fashion show, she let the 8 year old get her hair blown out – Kimora cried because she felt like her daughter was growing up – are you kidding me – i cried before Kimora did – i’m talking hands-over-my-mouth-tears-streaming-down-my-face crying – which i’m assuming that Sydney will one day have just like her mom – and i am nowhere near prepared for her to grow up – she’s already 3 months old – she weighs almost 13 pounds – how did we get here? i’m SO not prepared for this – i mean, just look at this picture – this child is well on her way to grown!!

she’s got her model pose already – like mother like daughter!!!!

embarassing mom story of the week – so no matter how often i file Sydney’s nails, they are still as sharp as Freddy Krueger’s – and when she gets tired, she tends to grab at her face – so every once in a while, she’ll end up with a scratch or two – and before you suggest mittens, just know that Houdini has a way of removing anything, mittens, socks, hairbows … anyway – i read somewhere that breastmilk is like a natural Neosporin – and i’ve tried it – whenever she gets a little scratch, i just rub a little breastmilk on it and it heals right up – like in a day – so, the other day she has a scratch so i’m gonna just whip out the boob and give her a little milk, right – but instead of getting a small drop of milk when i squeeze my boob, i get a Windex like stream right to the face – um, yeah – welcome to motherhood!!

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